Golden Prairie, A Certified Organic Millet Farm

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Notes From The Hediger Family Farm

Golden Prairie, certified organic millet family farm

Our family farms millet on the high plains of eastern Colorado. Golden Prairie became one of the first certified organic farms in Colorado in 1989. We started farming on 63 acres, and now Golden Prairie and its growers cultivate over 20,000 acres of certified organic millet because of interested customers like you. We are proud to say we have grown with the industry; our farming techniques are state of the art and our concerns with the gluten-free industry are our priority.

Gluten-free millet

As our business has flourished, we have been fortunate enough to support many good family farms; as we grew, they grew. Today, 60% of all millet grown in the USA is from Colorado. Our agricultural group shares a common mission to provide the best millet for our customers. It is with great pride that we introduce you to Golden Prairie and our organic, gluten-free millet.

Why Millet?

Millet, gluten-free grain, nutritious and tasty